Custom Compliments Slips Printing

With Comps slips

Custom Compliments Slips Printing Complement slips used to be de rigueur for all corporate stationery cupboards, they have definitely declined in volume over recent years. However, we have noticed is people are printing fewer of them, and going for the higher specs. So if a with comps slip passes over your desk these days, chances…


The agony of colour

The Agony of Colour! The number one trouble-maker, the most important aspect, the most eye-catching component of every printed product: colour!  It is important to get it right. It is so easy to get it wrong. And not many people outside the printing industry know the first thing about it. So let’s see if we…

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Print in a digital world

Is there a place for the printed word in this digital world? Naturally, the answer you are going to read here is a definite ‘yes’! Even in this increasingly digital world, there is still a big demand for the printing industry and printed products. What printed products are popular? Even the smallest business owner will…