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Notepads from Printing Brisbane start from handy small pads through to standard A5 and A4 pads right up to A2 deskpads. Self adhesive sticky notes (similar to Post-It notes) are super handy and surprisingly affordable. Enquire now for a notepad quote, and we will get back to you VERY quickly!

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Builders, carpenters, electricians, bricklayers, plumbers, tilers, plasterers, roofers, mechanics, boiler makers, panel beaters, cleaners, gardeners and more – this is where to find prices for your printing needs!

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Printing for Trades

People in trades, or tradies as we call them here in Australia have enough to do without having to sort through the website looking for what they need! So we have put together a collection of items that are commonly needed and have included price lists for our ranges of printed products used by tradies; Business cards, stationery, invoice books, quotation books, purchase order books, stickers and magnets.

Business cards

Tradie Business Cards

Here are the basic prices for these products. For the full range of options, including the out of the ordinary options like metallic, plastic and translucent cards, visit our Business Cards page.

Quote/Invoice/Con note/Purchase order books

Versatile carbonless books

These prices all for black or blue ink, hard cover, fold in writing mat, numbered, perforated & delivered to you! Duplicate has 100 sets per book and triplicate and quadruplicate have 50 sets per book.

These books are very versatile and can be used for: purchase orders, invoices, quotes, con notes, delivery dockets, statements, receipts, work orders, safety checklists, contracts, applications and more.

The books can be stapled or glued in your preferred format, and numbered and perforated as needed.

Vinyl Stickers

Versatile carbonless books

Outdoor stickers for car windscreens, bumper stickers, pipe labelling, safety signs and more. Speak to us about lamination if it needs to stand up to the weather.


Versatile carbonless books

Full colour magnets for your customers to use to make sure your details stick around and are easy to find!

Vehicle Magnets

Versatile carbonless books

A really useful form of advertising for trades!

600mm x 300mm PAIR of laminated vehicle magnets for only $150!

These magnets should last a couple of years on your vehicle if they are not constantly in the weather.

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