Printing for Exhibition & Trade Fairs

Expos and trade fairs are a great way to get in front of your customer and a chance to provide them with some physical messages and information regarding your company, they can take back to the office to examine further and share with others.  We provide a full range of every item you’ll ever need to deck out your stand. Printing Brisbane are experts in expo printing and makings sure you have the right stand setup and the right handouts and promotional gifts to maximise your exposure!

Printing for Exhibition Stands

Well, as a printer, I must say that trade expos are a wonderful opportunity for business. An expo is a such physical and visual event, and a place where consistent branding and print quality is necessary to project a professional business. This is where we have you completely covered!

The Trade/Expo Stand

This is the big one! How are you going to deck out your stand? Just some custom flyers, a table and a stack of business cards? Or a large curved media wall complete with lights and a custom branded display table? Or maybe something in between?

Small Posters

Posters are cheap, fast and easy. We can do them on paper or synthetic, and get them to you in a flash. They are easy for you to put up – just make sure you have plenty of velcro dots and blue tack.

Wall Sized Posters

If you would like to cover the entire walls of your booth or stand, then we can do that too. In fact, you might be surprised how economically and professionally it can be done. The options here include paper or synthetic posters as well as vinyl or fabric banners. In fact, fabric banners are quickly becoming the wall covering of choice. They are light and easy to transport, and don’t suffer the creasing issues that other products are vulnerable to. We can attach velcro to the top and bottom for easy installation.


In the same section as fabric wall hangings, we can also print fabric table cloths. A full colour printed table cloth will make you look slick and professional, and you can reuse it for years and years. Another option is the branded display table that comes with the pop up expo walls – more on that below.

Pop up Expo Walls

These are great! The concept is essentially this: a pre-assembled framework that you pull out of the traveling case. You expand the frame and lock it in place in a process that takes a solid 60 or 70 seconds! Then, the synthetic or fabric panels are quickly attached and you clip on your lights. The travel case then has a poster wrapped around it to transform it into a slick display table, so no need to find somewhere to stash it! These come in a range of sizes and qualities. The starting price is about $1,600, up to massive amounts of money for really large and complex displays.

Retractable Banners

Retractable and X Frame banners have long been the mainstay of the smaller trade shows. They do look great, are affordable and useful. However, there does tend to be a sea of them anytime there is some kind of expo on. Seriously consider taking a different approach, see what you can do to stand out from the crowd.

Floor Graphics

Get some branding under the feet of your prospects. Depending on the location, you might be able to have the floor stickers on the inside of your stand, or in the walkway. Custom made floor mats are great too.

Marketing Collateral

Brochures, flyers, business cards and catalogues

Make sure you have plenty of all of your usual marketing materials. Don’t forget to account for the ones that you might be giving to the organisers for putting into the delegates’ bags as they arrive. Something that has a discount or 2 for 1 type offer will encourage delegates to hang onto your flyer or brochure. We can deliver these directly to the venue, anywhere in the country – just make sure your event planning includes accounting for the print and delivery lead times!

Promotional products and giveaways

This is a MASSIVE area in expo printing and a MASSIVE opportunity for expo vendors as well. Pens, sticky notes, mugs, hats, water bottles, mints, bags, headphones, quadcopters, speakers, power banks, USB sticks. People love to gather stuff at trade shows and then show it off back at the office. And if you are going to be giving stuff away, then make sure your stuff is good, and memorable, and a good representation of who you are. Don’t give out dodgy stuff!

Will you be signing clients on the day? Having a limited range of very high quality promotional items can be a great way to reward those willing to make the leap!

Don’t want to think too much about the details?

Let us take the hard work out of deciding. We have a number of packages to kit out your exhibition stand, and can even deliver it straight to your conference!

Interested to find out more about our trades and expo printing?

Trade shows and expos can be a massive undertaking. We can make it easier for you. Trust us, this is what we do every day!

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