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Here at Printing Brisbane we print magnets in all sizes from little square fridge magnets, through to business card magnets, calendar magnets, vehicle magnets and more. We can cut them to shape, and get them extra thick or extra thin to make sure they do the job right.


Want your messages to stick? If you would like your business name permanently in a highly visible spot, then fridge magnets are the solution you are looking for!

They come with a nice gloss coating and rounded or square corners.

Magnets aren’t just for fridges:

  • Car, vehicle, van, truck magnets
  • Whiteboards
  • Filing cabinets

We’ve also got a great range of templates that allow you to get creative. Jigsaw magnets, whiteboard magnets, poetry magnets and photo frame magnets all make up our standard product offering. There are also magnets with little clips to hold pieces of paper, and slots for holding small notepads. There isn’t much in the magnet world that we can’t do!

Vehicle Magnets

Our A3 laminated vehicle magnets are just $117 for a pair! They are on a 1.5mm thick, non marking, UV resistant magnet stock. These magnets should last a couple of years on your vehicle if they are not constantly in the weather. This is a popular alternative to vinyl vehicle decals as they are easy to remove as needed, and you don’t need any special skills to install them.

To Laminate or not to Laminate?

We laminate our outdoor magnets as standard. When a magnet is laminated, it is just like laminating a school text book. A thin layer of clear vinyl is applied over the magnet. This gives it a great shine, and the ability to handle being in the weather for a couple of years (maybe not so long in the desert!). The vehicle magnets are automatically laminated, but the smaller ones aren’t – you will need to ask us to quote for your laminated magnets in your preferred size.

We can also die cut to almost any shape!

Have a look through our templates below, and if you can’t find what you’re after – ask!  We may well have something suitable that isn’t listed, and if not, it will only take a moment to prepare a quote for you. Just let us know your dimensions and we will prepare a quote for your custom size magnets right away.

Handy hint: The neatest way to store your vehicle magnets when they aren’t actually on a vehicle is to put them on the side of a filing cabinet. Keeps them flat and clean, and makes your filing cabinet look a bit more exciting too!

Printing Brisbane Magnet Templates (PDFs)

et Templates – House Photo Frames

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