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Even in this digital age, letters are still posted. A lot. And envelopes are often a critical first contact with a customer. Printing Brisbane makes sure your envelopes are top quality, beautifully printed and suited to the job. From seed pockets to x-ray envelopes, we have them all. Don’t miss this simple branding opportunity.

Your logo on your envelopes

A great touch for your corporate image is to have custom printed envelopes. Your logo, contact details and return address keep your image professional and consistant. Add in Australia Post details like the postage paid mark, or your registered post details, and things are getting really clever! The choices

  • 1, 2 or full colour print
  • Envelope size
  • Envelope style
  • Envelope sealing method
  • Quantity

There are a few things to consider when ordering envelopes:

  1. If the precise location of the window is critical, be precise with that information when you place the order.
  2. Choose from moist seal (lick n stick), press seal (self seal) or peel n seal. We print press seal as standard.
  3. Choose from secretive or non-secretive. By default we print secretive window face envelopes, and non secretive plain face envelopes.

We can also print onto the full range of fantastically coloured Optix envelopes. This range includes 25 colours that are guaranteed to make an impact, help you be creative as well as and more organised at home and The office! The various colours available in the Optix range are below, and you can download a colour swatch here. Optix Paper Colour Swatch Not all colours are available in all envelope sizes, contact us on 07 3208 5649 to chat about the options. We can send you samples of any of the colours.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a real impact every time you communicate with a customer!

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