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Our downloads explained

This page contains the Printing Brisbane resources. These resources include artwork guidelines, print specifications, templates and more.

We are pleased to make available to our customers as many resources as we can to make your printing experience a better one. The list of downloads below covers everything from general print specifications for correct artwork setup, templates, order forms and guidelines for all of our printing.



Artwork Templates

Brochure folding

These templates show the precise fold lines so you or your designer can make sure your artwork is suited to the folding setup you have chose for your brochure.


4pp A4 fold
4pp A5 fold
4pp A6 fold
4pp DL fold


6pp A4 roll fold
6pp A4 Z fold
6pp A5 roll fold
6pp A5 Z fold
6pp A6 roll fold
6pp A6 Z fold
6pp DL roll fold (A4 folded to DL)
6pp DL Z fold (A4 folded to DL)


8pp A4 double parallel fold
8pp A4 roll fold
8pp A4 Z fold
8pp A5 roll fold
8pp A5 Z fold
8pp A6 roll fold
8pp A6 Z fold
8pp DL back opening double parallel fold
8pp DL double parallel fold
8pp DL gate fold
8pp DL roll fold
8pp DL Z fold


10pp A5 roll fold
10pp A5 Z fold
10pp DL roll fold
10pp DL Z fold


12pp A5 roll fold
12pp A5 Z fold
12pp DL roll fold
12pp DL Z fold

Hole drilling

Make sure your artwork is setup so that essential pieces of information don’t have holes drilled right through the middle!
A4 4 hole template

Carbonless books

It is important to get the page sizes right for the various layout of carbonless or NCR duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate books
NCR (Invoice) book styles

Existing formes/dies we have in stock

These are templates for formecut or diecut products. They can be used on all kinds of paper and card as well as stickers. These are the most economical templates for us to use. If you need a size other than the ones listed below, there will be a charge for creating a new forme ($100-$300) as well as 5 days to get it made. So please try to make use of the ready made ones if you can!

If there is a shape or size forme or die that you really want, and it isn’t listed below, let us know and we will do some research and see if we can find one that is already made.

If you are printing on vinyl, you will be please to know that it is economical to have any shape you like! This is because vinyl printers can cut your shape out with a cutter that follows a die line on your artwork. An economical way to get custom shapes – most popular for vinyl stickers.

Tent cards
Boxes & Packaging
Presentation folder templates (see the Presentation Folders page to view them individually)

Circles and Ovals

30mm round
40mm round
50mm round
60mm round
75mm round
90mm round
100mm round

35mm x 75mm oval
60mm x 110mm oval
80mm x 110mm oval
90mm x 55mm oval

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