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We are able to supply the full range of printed consumables for all hospitality businesses. Hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, takeways – we can help you all! Enquire now for a quote, we will get back to you VERY quickly!

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All hospitality printing needs

HOTELS: we have function kit components (presentation folders, brochures, letterhead, promotional cards, sticky notes, surveys), feedback forms, envelopes and conference notepads. We also print plastic key cards and holders.

RESTAURANTS: For cafes and restaurants we have menus, loyalty cards, docket books, coasters, posters and signs.

BARS: We can also help with some wonderful options for wine lists, cocktail lists, bar menus and more.

Business/Loyalty/Coffee cards

Loyalty cards for your fanatical coffee drinkers? Business cards for, well, business cards! Available on a big range of stocks, finishes, shapes and sizes, making sure that you stand out and that your cards are kept handy is something we can help with


Gone are the days of limiting yourself to one colour print on a sheet of gaudy A4. The new and affordable standard option for basic menus is full colour and a nice glossy paper. From there, the only way is up!

Small folded menu

The standard 6pp DL (A4 folded in three) menus are ideal for bulk letterbox drops, or in smaller quantities for takeaway menus to go on the counter top. Useful for abbreviated versions of your full menus (catering, breakfast, drinks, children’s etc). Download the 6pp DL Roll Fold Template here

These menus are the best size for a bar menu, cocktail list, specialty menu, kid’s menu or simply for smaller cafes who don’t need the medium or large options below.

Medium Table Menu

6 panels or 140mm x 297mm each is a really useful size. These menus are the smaller version of the large menu below, and are available in shorter runs for smaller venues. Download the 6pp 140 x 297 Roll Fold Template here

Large Table Menu

6 x A4 page size panels. These menus are larger, heavier and very smart. Printed on heavy card, with the option of a laminate to help them last longer, these premium menus inspire customers to keep ordering! They are only available in runs of 250 or more. Download the 6pp A4 Roll Fold Template here

Docket or Order Books

We supply custom printed order books for your waitstaff and counter staff to use. They are not as economical as the generic ones, but are totally customisable if your needs are more complex.


Full colour print coasters are great for branding and promotions. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, they are delightfully economical!

Function kits

Do you have function space for hire? Want to present your customers with a comprehensive, professionally printed kit? We can help you out with all of common components.

Presentation Folders
Sticky notes

Plastic Cards

These thick .76mm plastic come with the full range of plastic card options. Embossed numbering, signature panels, magnetic stripes, scratch panels and variable data. Perfect for hotel use. Give us a call to get have a chat about the details of your job. What’s more, our Plastic Business Cards are 100% recycled/recyclable!

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