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Chantelle King Design is the go-to graphic design studio for heartled holistic and wellness entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking greater impact.

Chantelle King Design

Utilising her years of design experience, combined with her passion for helping others, Chantelle creates captivating visual branding that helps you make space, grow and stand out in a crowded market. She gets you. She gets your industry, your work and your beautiful PASSION and PURPOSE. Chantelle also gets that your business is, in the best kind of way, a little different. Itʼs not just about raking in the dough, itʼs about truly helping people. Which is why she specialises in harmonising mindful creative design with strategic story telling to provide visual solutions that help bring clarity to the wonderful work that you do.

Chantelle provideʼs a range of services from tailored design packages to individual print and digital services including logo design and visual branding, website design, social media templates and imaging, eBook design, advertising collateral, signage, video backdrops and more – She devotes her heart and soul into each and every project to create something true and unique to you.

Want to discover the secret to capturing your audienceʼs interest? Youʼll find it – along with more information about Chantelleʼs style and approach by visiting her website www.chantelleking.com and/or liking her Facebook page facebook.com/chantellekingdesign.

M: 0413 504 831
W: www.chantelleking.com
Facebook:  @chantellekingdesign

Some examples of her work: